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SkyWipes are a non-flammable, water-based, universally approved impregnated wipe system which is both safe and user friendly.


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Our low odour SkyWipes have a multitude of uses including degreasing, effectively and efficiently removing of wet and tacky polysulphides, polythioether, polyurethane, RTVs, silicone sealants - and tool cleaning.

Impregnated with Elixair SkyWash, SkyWipes offer a safer alternative to MEK, MPK, IPA, acetone and other traditional solvents. They quickly clean and degrease surfaces and are used in conjunction with SkyRestore and SkyWash as part of our integrated sealant removal system. The wipes are low lint and simple to use, reduce cleaning time, economical and leave no residue.

Available in a 300 wipe tub (Part no. 602-2) or a 50 wipe packet (Part no. 602-5R), SkyWipes meet the following specifications:- ABR 9-0140, BAEP 9053/1001/1002, ASTM F519-97 Type 1A. 1, ASTM F502, RR-CSS 204, STM40-500.

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See brochure for specific product part numbers

SkyWipes Brochure (pdf)
SkyWipes MSDS (pdf)
SkyWipes TDS (pdf)

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The benefits of using SkyWipes

  • Water-based and low-odour
  • Quickly cleans and degreases surfaces
  • Removes wet & semi-cured sealant residues and other surface contaminants
  • Low lint content and leave no residue
  • Safe alternative to traditional solvents such as MEK, MPK, IPA, and acetone
  • SkyWipes are classed as non-flammable
  • SkyWipes remove wet or tacky sealants quickly, the wipes also make a great general cleaner and tool cleaner
  • Simple and quick to use - reduce cleaning time
  • Economical compared to traditional methods

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I have known Elixair for 20 years and have always found them helpful with an excellent range of Aerospace approved products.