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SkyRestore is comprised of a thixotropic gel used for the quick removal of fully cured sealants and adhesives. SkyRestore is effective on polysulphide, polythioether, silicones and RTV.


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To use, simply apply the SkyRestore gel undiluted and leave it to work for 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the thickness of the sealant you are trying to remove. SkyRestore works by breaking down the resistance or bond within the sealant, making it easier to remove than traditional methods.

For best results, we recommend using other products from the SkyFamily range to remove the sealant.  Non-metallic Elixair SkyScrapers can be used to remove residue, along with SkyWash and SkyWipes to prepare the surface for re-application of either sealant or paint.

SkyRestore is available in either gel or liquid versions dependent on your application needs. The thixotropic gel version is suitable for overhead and vertical applications. It quickly softens cured sealants and adhesives, ready for removal and is suitable for use on most surfaces and any part of the aircraft including aircraft structure, fuel systems, nacelles, landing gear and joints.

SkyRestore is easy to use and totally bio-degradable. In comparison to alternative and traditional methods it is very economical to use and also saves time in application and removal.

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See brochure for specific product part numbers

SkyRestore Brochure (pdf)
SkyRestore 306 MSDS (pdf)
SkyRestore 307 MSDS (pdf)
SkyRestore TDS (pdf)

SkyRestore Application Data (pdf)

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Our products have significantly enhanced our customers processes by reducing man hours by up to 92% leading to cost reduction, as part of our Integrated Sealant Removal System.

Available in a 1 ltr (Part no. 306-1) or 5 ltr bottle (Part no. 306-5) (liquid). Or a 170cc cartridge (Part no. 307-CART), 1 ltr (Part no. 307-1) or 5 ltr (Part no. 307-5) bottle (thick gel).  SkyRestore meets the following specifications:- McDonnell Douglas CSD#1, Boeing D6-17487 Revision L, Lockheed Martin STM40-500.


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The benefits of using SkyRestore

  • Available in gel and liquid formats - the thixotropic gel version is suitable for overhead and vertical applications
  • Quickly softens cured sealants & adhesives for removal
  • Suitable for use on most surfaces, SkyRestore can be used to remove sealant from any part of the aircraft including aircraft structure, fuel systems, nacelles, landing gear and joints.  For best results, use in conjunction with Elixair SkyScrapers and SkyWipes
  • Easy to use, removes most fully cured sealants
  • Totally bio-degradable and economical in comparison with alternative and traditional methods
  • In comparison to more traditional methods - e.g. mechanical and chemical removal - SkyRestore saves a lot of time in both application and use

All three Elixair products trialled were judged to have been effective, particularly SkyRestore, which removed PRC in a fraction of the time taken by mechanical means. At present the time allocation for removal of PRC for the fuel tank inspection is 300 man hours, and in one case RAF St Athan informed this office that they expended 6 weeks on one particular aircraft.

It is AEDIT's opinion that using SkyRestore to remove PRC for this inspection would reduce timescales to approximately 24 man hours or 4 working days, a dramatic reduction in both time and cost.

DP McCleary Flt Lt
Hawk AEDIT Report - view report (pdf)