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The SkyEdgit is a handheld sharpening device for fluted Elixair SkyScrapers ensuring that the blade edge is kept sharp to optimise the cutting edge efficiency during use.

This tool is to be used in conjunction with the SkyMill Revolution which is designed to sharpen fluted Elixair SkyScrapers at “point of use”. The device is designed for individual use to improve productivity for sealant removal with minimum effort.

The benefits of using SkyEdgit

  • Pocket-sized hand-sharpener for fluted SkyScrapers
  • Securable to workwear by zip wire clip
  • Allows in-situ sharpening of fluted SkyScrapers
  • Indispensable when working in fuel tanks, on wings, and other areas of poor access
  • Customised shape and coated abrasive disc
  • Dust collector included
  • Developed by Elixair for MRO’s, Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier

SkyEdgit Product Info 

See brochure for list of compatible products for use with SkyEdgit

SkyEdgit Brochure (pdf)

To buy SkyEdgit, please contact Elixair directly, quoting part number: 616/1  


The size and portability of the SkyEdgit make it so easy and convenient to use. I was able to get a sharp edge on my scraper really quickly and easily without leaving the area that I was working in which meant I could focus on the job in hand and saved loads of time.

SkyEdgit user