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How can I place an order?

You can click through to 3M to order - or contact their customer services dept on: 0845 604 6395.

How do I get more information on a product or service?

We hope that you will find all of the information you need here on our website, but if not please contact Elixair directly.

Where can I see the product prices?

Please click through to 3M to view prices or contact their customer services dept. directly for more information on 0845 604 6395.

Is technical support available?

Yes, we offer a great deal of technical and after sales support to our customers, please contact Elixair directly for more information

What’s the lead time if I place an order?

Lead times may differ between each 3M subsidiary.

Are SkyWash/SkyRestore/SkyWipes used for similar tasks outside the aerospace industry?

Yes, including automotive, maritime, electrical and engineering.

Are SkyWash and SkyWipes solvent based?

No - Both products are classified as non-hazardous and are aqueous based.

Will SkyWash/SkyWipes affect aircraft parts?

None have been reported to date.

Will SkyRestore affect aircraft paint?

This depends on the type of paint in use. In the case of most primers – no. It is best to trial your paint system before use.

Do Elixair products offer environmental benefits?

Yes, at Elixair we pride ourselves on not only reducing our own carbon footprint but also offering some products that are bio-degradable. Similarly our fluted SkyScrapers are resharpenable, so can be used many times. We work in accordance with our ISO14001 accreditation and quality policy.

What are the benefits of using Elixair products?

Most of our products are approved by many of the OEMs and major MROs. Our products are designed primarily to make the task of removing cured, part cured sealants and adhesives less labour intensive and therefore more cost effective. All of our products are not only user friendly but are designed with the operator or engineer in mind - making them easier to use and more ergonomic than traditional methods.

What sealants can Elixair products remove?

Elixair products will remove polysulphides, polythioether, silicone, RTVs and general adhesives used throughout the aerospace industry.

Are Elixair products safe to use in confined spaces?

Always follow the correct instructions for PPE listed on our MSDS sheets for each product. Our plastic approved SkyScrapers and SkyTools are designed to offer no harmful dusts or residues.

What is the best way to remove cured sealants?

Elixair SkyRestore is designed to soften up or digest cured sealant so that it can be removed easily with our resharpenable, fluted, aerospace approved, plastic SkyScrapers. The surface can then be cleaned of residue using our aqueous SkyWipes. Typically this user friendly method can reduce maintenance by 92%.

What approvals do Elixair products have?

Most of our products are approved by many of the OEMs and MROs, such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Raytheon and Bombardier to name but a few, please contact Elixair for specific approval information.

Can I use Elixair products to remove floor tapes and general adhesives?

Yes, our product range is very effective at removing floor tapes and we have a specially designed tool called the SkyBlade for this task. In addition our products will remove many of the general adhesives used.

Are Elixair products compatible with composites?

Yes, in fact a number of composite manufacturers use our products in the manufacturing stages and our products will not harm or damage composite materials.

What are the benefits of using your SkyScraper System?

All of our SkyScrapers are approved by the major OEMs and used by a number of leading MROs across the globe. Our fluted SkyScrapers can be re-sharpened multiple times using the SkyMill Revolution portable sharpening machine - making them extremely cost effective.

Do you offer a Bespoke Tooling Service?

Yes, we have been designing specific bespoke tools for many of our customers for many years and have worked closely with the major OEMs in developing cost effective solutions to various problems - helping them to streamline their processes, significantly reducing man hours and the costs involved. See our bespoke tooling page for more info or contact Elixair to speak with our in-house tooling design engineers and discuss your specific needs.  

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