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Bespoke Tooling

We are often approached by Aerospace OEMs and MROs to develop solutions to aviation industry specific problems.

Our experienced team rigorously investigate each problem and develop and test prototype tools and solutions, evaluating and refining them in industry settings. Many of these tools are then developed for general distribution.

If you need a bespoke tool please get in touch today to find out how we can help.

The Evolution of the Elixair SkyMill

skymill evolution

Our popular SkyMill Revolution (pictured top right) was developed in response to requests for a portable tool sharpening device, following the success of our original, bench-top SkyMill (pictured bottom right)

The original SkyMill device was developed for sharpening Elixair SkyScrapers. The product was very popular and well-received in the aerospace industry, but several engineers told us that they would love it even more if it was portable. The original SkyMill device was quite large and they had to stop what they were doing and go to their workstation to use it, interrupting their workflow. By enabling users to sharpen their tools in situ, the SkyMill Revolution helps them to save even more time and money and focus on the task in hand. 

When developing a portable version of the SkyMill, our designers identified important factors which should be implemented in the new design, namely that the product should:

  • Be at least as effective in sharpening the SkyScrapers as the original SkyMill
  • Be able to be used locally to the scraping environment. In order to do this, it would need its own power source and be easily portable, with a robust ergonomic design. 
  • Be easily charged. Charging strategies should be considered as an integral part of the new design.

The resulting product - the Elixair SkyMill Revolution sealant removal system - was evaluated at four UK Aerospace MRO and OEM sites, in a variety of different situations (D-checks/C-checks). Customers were provided with a SkyMill and SkyScraper samples for evaluation. Both POM (Boeing BAC 5000 approved) and Ultem (Airbus approved) fluted SkyScrapers were evaluated in order to research and understand the applications for which SkyScrapers are used in the workplace. As a result of this rigorous design approach, and our constant commitment to our customers as part of an iterative design process, we were able to develop an extremely popular product.

We are confident that no other sealant removal system on the market meets all the customer requirements for Aerospace that SkyMill Revolution does.

Working closely with you to develop the right solution

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we find the right solution to meet their specific requirements. We produce and test each new product in a variety of engineering materials and different shapes and sizes to find the best match for a specific task. 

The SkyMill Revolution is just one example of how we constantly strive to improve our products and listen and respond to customer feedback. Elixair are at the forefront of research and development for Aerospace innovation and our customers always approach us as a first point of contact for bespoke tooling. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you find a solution to your aerospace maintenance problem.